Basement conversions offer a great way to get much needed space that can work for all different situations, creating an extra bedroom, a gym or children's playroom - the possibilities are endless and the days of the dark, damp cellar are firmly confined to history.

Converting damp basements and other spaces below ground level into dry rooms can be a cost effective and highly rewarding way of extending a home or utilising space within an existing property.

Lewis-Bradbury specialise in the provision of waterproofing systems that are employed to upgrade existing basement rooms, waterproof new buildings or convert damp, unused spaces below ground into dry habitable rooms.

Structural waterproofing below ground is a highly specialised operation and must be undertaken by contractors and designers who have the requisite levels of skill, understanding and experience. Failures resulting from inadequate specifications or poor workmanship can be very costly. Lewis-Bradbury specialise in structural waterproofing are able to work with the client to design a suitable waterproofing solution.

Waterproofing in existing underground structures is usually undertaken by applying waterproof membranes to the inside walls and floors or by using drained cavity technology. 
Waterproofing techniques are defined in BS8102, the British Standard for “Protection of structures against water from the ground”.

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